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With an ever-increasing awareness of nut and peanut allergies, fundraising has become a new challenge for organizations. With new laws like Sabrina’s law in Ontario (effective Jan. 2006), schools are looking for safe products to promote for their programs.

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Direct Fundraising represents Treasure Mills Inc., a leading Canadian manufacturer of nut and peanut free baked goods. Just because another supplier may present “nut-free” flavours or varieties does not mean they are really free of all nut traces - if they produce any types which contain nuts or nut products. Our plant sources ingredients from nut and peanut free suppliers, and in addition has a completely nut and peanut free facility, as well as strict quality procedures to make the best product every time. This ensures that all of the baked goods, including cookie dough and muffin batters, are “School Safe”.

Through extensive development and research, our lines of products are not only nut and peanut free, but healthy too. We use only natural ingredients, non-hydrogenated margarines and soya spreads to provide as many healthy benefits as possible (low fat, trans fat free, low sugars, etc.). Our products are also certified as Kosher Dairy, through the Kashruth Council of Canada.



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